About Us

Our story began as eCommerce sellers ourselves - and it just continues growing...

Our Story

We started as friends and grew into business partners looking to make a path on our own. After working corporate jobs, we realized we needed our own business. And that is when we launched our first brands on the Amazon platform and grew them into 7 figure businesses.

To get started, we absorbed information from everywhere – courses, podcasts, interviews, etc. After helping over 200+ brands on Amazon, we decided it was time to give back and help others looking to achieve their eCommerce goals.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

AMZ Courses was created and developed by the founders of AMZ Advisers, one of the leading Amazon agencies, to help other eCommerce sellers achieve their business goals.

Mike Begg

Mike is the Chief Strategist & Chief Marketing Officer of AMZ Advisers and has over 10 years of experience in retail & eCommerce

Rob Zawadski

Rob is the Chief Operations Officer of AMZ Advisers and has over 7 years of eCommerce experience

Steve Cicalese

Steve is the Chief Executive Officer of AMZ Advisers and has over 7 years of experience selling on Amazon.

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What Our Students Have to Say

AMZ Courses helped me start my first online business by teaching me all the fundamentals of selling on Amazon - as well as some more advanced strategies that helped me grow my sales faster!
From Dallas, TX
I had tried some other courses out there and initially launched my first products on Amazon, but they were not selling like I expected. After taking AMZ Courses I was able to increase my sales 10x!
From Boston, MA
Mike, Rob and Steve laid out the entire process of selling on Amazon in an easy to understand manner. Their step-by-step process for building a brand on Amazon made it easy to launch my first brand, and now I'm working on my second!
From Jupiter, FL
I came across AMZ Advisers when I was doing some research about selling on Amazon. Their story and expertise of starting as sellers really made me believe I could do it as well - and I'm so glad I gave it a shot!
From San Francisco, CA